Engraved Wedding Photos

Engraved Wedding Photos

Posted by Laser Linda on 3rd Aug 2015

What to do with Your Wedding Photo

All the lovely moments of the wedding have been captured in stunning photography, but what to do with that one wedding photo you’ll display for decades? How do you take that beautiful moment in time and creatively display it in an ingenious way? The answer is laser engraving your perfect wedding photo into a plaque for a gift or for your home.

Most People Have Never Seen an Engraved Photo

This is a unique way to convert your special wedding day photo into something that most people will have never seen before: The photograph is actually laser engraved into the surface of stone, marble or wood. This takes that perfect wedding photo to the next level: permanent, artistic, and timeless.

Wedding Photo Laser Engraved on Wood

Laser Engraved Wedding Photo on Wood

Wedding Photo Laser Engraved on Marble

Wedding Photo Laser Engraved on Marble

Better than Custom Framing or an Engraved Frame

We’re not talking about a personalized photo frame, (which would be nice, of course), or getting your photo printed out and custom framed. This is much better: The entire plaque is laser engraved and customized to your specifications. It could simply have the wedding photo engraved on it, or the wedding photo with personalized vows or a special marriage blessing, or a poem…anything meaningful to you. The wedding picture and text are forever engraved into the wood or stone plaque.

Engraved for Generations to Enjoy

Can you remember your parents and grandparents wedding photo? Maybe you saw it yellowed or tattered in an old photo album or maybe it had deteriorated while sitting on the mantel in its frame. Maybe right now you remember the simple wedding gown your grandmother wore or the hairstyle your mom used to have. In any case, this is one way you remember your family. Your wedding photo will likely be viewed by future generations of family (maybe even your children and grandchildren). This is one photo that should be cherished and treated with care.

Pick Your Favorite Wedding Photo and have it Laser Engraved

There should be one standout wedding photo that perfectly captures you and your new spouse and the happy day you said, “I Do!” This is the photo you can see yourselves viewing many years later and fondly remembering your wedding day. This is the photo your family will remember you by, the “happy couple” photo. This photo should be the one that you have laser engraved onto wood or marble.

Makes a Perfect Wedding or Anniversary Gift too!

An engraved photo of the bride and groom or any good photo that captures the essence of the happy couple is an ideal photo to have laser engraved and given as a perfect gift. This is guaranteed to be one of the most cherished gifts a couple will ever receive.

Different Options for any Budget

Laser engraved wood plaques start at under $50 (the price goes up based on the size of the plaque); and laser engraved white marble plaques start at $133. While the engraved white marble plaques are more expensive, we don’t believe you will find anything quite like them anywhere else. White marble has a solid, polished, and elegant feel; and with a photo etched into the surface, it looks unbelievably special. Engraved wood has a deep, rich, burnt wood engraving that just feels like an heirloom. Whether wood or stone, any personalized laser engraving makes a perfect gift.

So now it’s time to pick your favorite wedding photo and do more than just keep it in an album or put it in a frame. If you are getting married soon, add this to your wish list of post wedding gifts. If you know someone with an upcoming wedding, be sure to get a digital file of their favorite wedding couple photo. And if you are looking for the most special anniversary present ever, consider getting a laser engraved photo plaque made of wood or stone – it will be absolutely treasured.