Celebrate all the big and little moments in life and recognize the achievements of those around you both personally and professionally.

Recognize Achievements with Engraved Award & Recognition Plaques

Looking for a unique way to recognize that special employee, student or athlete? Laser Perfect Gifts offers a wide variety of custom engraved award plaques to recognize landmarks & milestones like corporate accomplishments, team championships, and personal anniversaries. No need to look any further for that special and unique personalized gift you’ve been searching for.

Why are photo plaques the best choice for awards and recognitions?

While trophies are nice for honoring achievements, events, and winning sports teams, a photo plaque is often the better option. By choosing a great picture to engrave, that moment will be frozen in time and bring back great memories every time people view it. Have kids on a little league baseball, soccer or basketball team? Getting laser engraving for the team photo offers several advantages. An engraved plaque will give you a team photo you can look back at long after your kids have grown up. Engraving is also a better option than a printed photo, as it will hold up to weathering, aging and fading over time.

Custom engraving is also great for company awards. In the corporate world, trophies are not a very appropriate way to recognize achievements. With photo engraving, companies can give employees a wall mounting or desktop plaque with a company logo and a nice message. Reward hard working staff members with something they can proudly display in the workplace. In fact, recognizing employees is one of the best ways to quickly improve office morale.

Other great occasions to give plaques include:

  • Newborn Babies
  • Military Accomplishments
  • Major Promotions
  • Family Reunions
  • Lifetime Achievements

What different kinds of recognition plaques are available?

Different styles and materials give customers plenty of options. The heart shaped and oval plaques are great for showcasing on countertops and can be purchased with a matching wooden easel or iron display stand. Wooden recognition plaques come ready to be wall mounted and are great for annual family pictures, baby photos and more. Materials available in this selection are wood, granite and marble. Hosting an event? Laser engraved table number holders are an ideal choice. The LED backlighting makes them highly visible so guests can easily find their seats and the custom photo is a great way to showcase a guest of honor, couple being married or charitable cause.

No matter the occasion, award plaques are always a great choice. Capturing special moments with laser engraving makes an excellent personalized gift for loved ones, friends and employees alike. Recognize that special someone today with something from Laser Perfect Gifts.