Frequently Asked Questions

See frequently asked questions from customers here on photos, shipping, delivery, our laser engraving process and more.

How do i send my photo to you?

There are 3 ways to get your photo to us:
1. Upload your photo during the order process. There is a Picture Upload button in the list of product options, you’ll see it during your order. If you click the Upload button, you can choose your image from your computer.
2. E-mail your photo to us after you place your order. You may e-mail your photo to
3. Or you can send us the photo via regular mail: Mail to: 10645 N. Oracle Rd., #121-154, Tucson, AZ 85737

(By uploading or transmitting an image to us, you warrant and declare that you own the image or have obtained the rights to use the image)

What if i don't have a digital image, only a printed photo?

You can either mail us your photo (we will return the photo along with your laser engraved plaque); or you can scan the photo and e-mail it or upload it with your order. When scanning, we recommend you scan at minimum 300 DPI to obtain good detail.

I took the photo with my phone, how do i send it with my order?

Today’s smart phones can take great pictures. You can e-mail the original image to us at or upload your photo during your order. Please be sure to attach the original image taken, not a smaller re-sized image.

I want to send you a photo i saw on facebook or instagram, will that work?

Photos and images from web pages such as Facebook or Instagram are re-sized down to 72 DPI, which is a very small image size. It is difficult to make small images appear crisp and clear. It would be best to get the original non re-sized image if at all possible. View the image by zooming way in on a large screen to get an idea of what the image may look like when enlarged.

Should i crop or re-size the image before sending?

No, sending us your original non-modified image would be best. We will take great care in cropping and making adjustments to the image for the very best laser engraving possible. The higher the detail in the photo, the better the engraving will be, and every time a photo is modified or re-sized it loses precious detail. For the very best laser engraved photo, send us a large, original image with the subject in crisp focus.

Shipping and Delivery

How soon is my custom engraving done?

Once we receive your complete order along with your photo or image, we will send a proof to give you a general idea of the look and layout of your plaque. We will wait to make your order until we receive an approval from you. Please be careful to include a valid e-mail address that you check often or it could hold things up. We will make your order within 1 business day of receiving the proof approval. In order to receive the fastest service possible, please still check your e-mail often, these are completely custom orders and we could have questions about your order before proceeding.

When should i expect to get my laser engraved piece?

We ship all orders from Oro Valley, Arizona. Most orders shipped within the contiguous U.S. are received within 1 week from the day of shipping.

What shipping method will you use to send my order?

We ship via Federal Express or US Postal Service Priority Mail depending on the size of the package and the address to which the package is being delivered. Tracking information will be e-mailed once the order has shipped.

Returns and Refunds

What if my order arrives damaged or broken?

Please contact us ASAP if your order arrives with any problems that occurred during shipment or any defects. We will make a new laser engraved plaque and ship it to you right away.

Can i return my order?

If you don’t like your final product, we’ll be shocked, amazed, and a little bit heartbroken. But please contact us right away and give us the straight truth. Our laser engraved plaques are completely custom made for you and we want you to be happy. We put a great deal of time, effort, customization, and heart into every order, following the specific instructions we receive. On a case by case basis, we will make every effort to leave you satisfied with your purchase.

About Laser Engraving

how does laser engraving work?

A laser engraving machine radiates energy to amplify light. This laser light energy is focused into a beam and can be directed onto materials to vaporize them. We can vaporize the surface of granite, marble, wood, acrylic, or other materials. We can also use our laser engraver to cut certain materials such as certain plastics and wooden sheets.

how does a photo become laser engraved?

With today’s laser engraving technology, we can send highly specialized information to the laser engraver to create a precise laser engraving pattern, which will etch away just the right amount of material to make a photo appear in the surface, giving you a laser engraved photo memory to last a lifetime…and beyond.

Other Questions

If you should have any further questions or need further information, feel free to Contact Us through our website, e-mail us at, or call us at 1-800-595-3195.