Engraved Photos

Engraved Photo Plaques Make are The Perfect Gift for any Occasion

Looking to give something special to commemorate an anniversary, wedding, or business milestone? Engraved photo plaques are an excellent choice for all of these occasions! Laser Perfect Gifts specializes in engraved plaques that are available in acrylic, wood, granite and marble. Our process laser etches your image directly onto these plaques producing a gorgeous, long-lasting image. Many plaques also feature space to add writing or a slogan to accompany the photo.

Why choose engraved plaques over printed pictures? Pictures are often susceptible to wearing down and weathering. Laser engraving will stand up to the test of time as it’s etched directly into the acrylic, granite, marble or wood material. These displays can also be mounted on a wall or propped up with an easel on countertops. Plaques offer multiple display options, where as pictures are often limited to wall hanging.

These plaques are great for honoring a wide variety of occasions. They are especially popular for weddings & anniversaries. Get a photo engraved of the bride and groom with the dates of the wedding or of the older couple celebrating their 50th anniversary. Photo plaques are also great as a memorial to honor lost loved ones. Get a cherished picture engraved along with some inspiring words to help you remain strong when things get tough.

Our selection of engraved plaques is great for any occasion and makes a unique gift that people truly enjoy receiving. Browse our expansive selection and find the perfect plaque today.