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Send us your favorite photo of your beloved cat, dog or other pet, and it can be memorialized into a granite headstone with unbelievable detail. These black polished solid granite stones are available in 3/4 or 1 inches thick and ready to be used outdoors in a garden or at your pet’s resting place. Remember your lost pet with words engraved in stone and a permanently etched photo. Durable granite brick made for outdoor use.

  • Durable granite brick made for outdoor use
  • Available in sizes 4x8x1, 6x10x3/4 or 8x12x1 and can be placed on top of the ground or set into the soil for a flush, ground-level surface
  • 4x8 and 8x12 are polished on front and sides and 6x10 is polished on front side only (back of stone brick is unpolished), photo and text are permanently etched into surface and brightened with a whitening agent
  • Made from solid black granite: size 4x8 weighs 4 lbs, size 6x10 weighs 5 lbs and size 8x12 wieghs 11 lbs.
  • Upload a close-up photo of your pet that is well focused and bright to achieve the best fur details in the engraving process