Granite Plaques

Granite is a hard, durable stone perfect for engraving plaques and photos for outdoor display. We recommend granite for laser engraved pet memorials and particularly our granite memorial headstones. Granite is a perfect substrate that accepts photo engraving well for an extra special gift or memorial

Laser Engraved Granite Plaques Withstand the Test of Time

Our engraved granite plaques are some of the most popular amongst our customers, and with good reason. The sturdy composition of granite prevents weathering and fading, making them great to place either indoors or outdoors. The white laser etching of the images really stands out against the black granite background.

Different shapes and styles are available to honor different occasions. Heart shaped plaques are a great choice for commemorating special anniversaries. The oval, silhouette plaque is popular for recognizing military members. These plaques are great to display both mounted on the wall or placed on countertops. Easels can be purchased with any granite plaque to showcase on tables and in display cabinets.

Looking for a special memorial? Granite plaques are often used as pet headstones. The granite will stand up to outdoor weather conditions and can be placed somewhere in the backyard or garden. Gardens make a great location for memorial displays, whether it’s for a family member or a beloved pet. Get an engraved picture of your pet along with a custom inscription. Pet headstones are a perfect choice and designed specifically to be displayed outdoors.