Recognize Employee Achievements With An Engraved Business Plaque

Honoring and recognizing employees is one of the most effective ways to increase retention rates and boost morale around the office. Giving engraved plaques to employees for corporate anniversaries or awards is a great way to recognize people. Employees can proudly display these business plaques in their cubicle, office or at home. Custom engrave a company logo, picture of the employee or other image along with some text recognizing the staff member's hard work and dedication to the company.

What are some achievements that companies give away business plaques for?

  • Corporate Anniversaries - Giving away a business plaque recognizing 5, 10 or 20 year anniversaries is a great way to show employees you're paying attention and appreciate their efforts.
  • Patents - Engineers and designers will often develop patents for their employers. An engraved plaque (and maybe a nice bonus to go with it) is something that can proudly be displayed in the office. 
  • Promotions & Awards - Yearly awards and ceremonies boost employee morale and are a great way to get them excited about coming to work. Engraved achievement plaques are a simple and thoughtful way to recognize hard work and dedication.

Employees that work hard deserve to be recognized for their crowning achievements and dedication. Engraved business achievement plaques are a subtle and classy way to give credit where credit is due. People will appreciate the gesture, and it's a great step towards making your office a place where people get excited about work.