“In Memory Of” Remembrance Plaques

We specialize in a great selection of personalized, laser-engraved memorials and memory plaques.

In Memory Of… Engraved plaques are a permanent way to remember those we love.

Honoring family members, loved ones, friends and pets is an incredibly important part of the grieving process when dealing with a major loss. Memorial plaques are a great step to honor the people you’ve lost, while making sure you remember them forever. Laser engraving captures pictures in perfect detail so you can capture some of your favorite moments.

An engraved memorial plaque displays to the world that our loved one lives on in our hearts. Offering a memorial plaque as a sympathy gift is a kind gesture that the family can cherish for a lifetime. A photo may fade, but a laser engraved photo etched on stone lasts forever. An engraved plaque with a poem and photo is a respectful and permanent way to remember a family member or friend.

What are some different materials and styles of remembrance plaques? Granite is a popular choice because of its durability. These plaques can also be left outside at a gravesite, vigil or a dedicated area like a park. Pet headstones can be placed in a nice spot in your own backyard. Wooden memorial plaques are great for display inside.

What different kinds of remembrance are these plaques used for?

  • Military – Laser Perfect Gifts offers special plaques specifically to honor fallen servicemen and women.
  • Pets – Along with standard plaques, headstones are also available to put in your backyard, garden or other special area your dog or cat loved.
  • Family Members - Get an engraving with a special saying, quote or song lyrics as a way to remember those special loved ones that meant so much to you.

Pets also hold a special place in our hearts, and displaying a pet memorial in our home or garden reminds us of our dear and loyal companion. We use a special technique to meticulously convert your pet’s photograph into an engraved masterpiece. Our high-tech laser engraving machine can reveal the beautiful details of your pet’s fur…and personality! Anyone who has ever loved a pet will love seeing their furry friend’s photo engraved on a plaque. Remember your cat or dog forever with an engraved pet plaque.