Marble Plaques

Laser Perfect Gifts is one of a handful of engravers to offer photos engraved into white marble. This could the most stunning and elegant personalized wedding gift you will find online today. The engraved photo against the smooth polished white marble has a look and feel like nothing else.

Engraved Marble Photo Plaques are Ideal for Wedding & Anniversary Gifts

Marble plaques are some of the highest quality products offered on this site. The laser engraved photos really stand out on the white background, and marble is a strong material that will last for generations to display the plaque. Marble is so unique because the patterns in the stone are always different. White marble is a translucent stone that reflects elegance and is perfect for gift giving.  No two slabs of marble are ever identical, so giving an engraved marble photo plaque as a gift is guaranteed to be one of a kind!

These engraved plaques are often given to honor and commemorate weddings because the white marble is symbolic for marriage. This same reason makes them an excellent choice for anniversaries as well! The plaque features space to print a custom engraved photo along with some free text. Customers often utilize the free text space to write dates, passages, quotes and more! Try adding the wedding or anniversary date along with quotes from the vows or a passage read at the wedding. The options are endless!