Pet Memorials

Honor your pets with a memorial plaque

Laser engraved headstones and plaques are a great memorial for the beloved pets in your life that you've lost. Get an image of your dog, cat, or other pet engraved directly on one of our plaques. Choose between either granite or wood. Granite pet plaques are popular to use as an outdoor memorial or as a headstone. One of our models is designed to be used specifically as a pet headstone. The engraved granite brick is 2 inches thick and perfect for placing outside.

Why do so many people choose plaques to honor their pets? The laser engraved picture helps you remember what your pet looks like forever. Choose one of your favorite moments with your pet or consider using a family photo. These plaques are also popular because there is space to put your cat or dog's name along with a cherished saying, poem, or song lyrics. Wooden plaques are great to display indoors and can be wall mounted or displayed on a shelf or table. Granite plaques are more durable and great to display in the backyard. Many people love putting them in their garden.

Time spent with family pets should be cherished. Honor your cats and dogs with a nice plaque or headstone. These pet plaques will bring a smile to your face every time you see them and reflect upon the wonderful times you shared.