New Baby

Cherish Your Child’s Birth Forever with a Newborn Baby Plaque

As many parents will tell you, the most important moment in their lives was when they welcomed their son or daughter into the world. Many people like to take a photo of their baby or both the mother and child right after birth. Why not have this memorable picture engraved onto a newborn baby plaque? Our laser engraving process etches the baby’s photo right onto a wooden plaque.

These plaques offer plenty of other options - and you’re not limited to just photos. These newborn plaques allow you to have the baby’s full name engraved in cursive above the photo. Room at the bottom is provided for additional text. New parents often choose to use this text for information like height, weight and birthday. It can also be used to write a nice poem or song lyrics.

New parents are often extraordinarily busy, so these baby plaques also make awesome gifts. Request a photo from the parents or pull one off of social media to get it custom engraved. Have a personalized message placed at the bottom to commemorate the occasion. Often times an engraved plaque is something new parents intend to buy, but get so caught up with the newborn they simply won’t have the time. They’ll be ecstatic to receive this personalized gift!