An Engraved Pet Memorial Plaque Case Study-Photo Engraving at Laser Perfect Gifts

An Engraved Pet Memorial Plaque Case Study-Photo Engraving at Laser Perfect Gifts

Posted by Laser Linda on 21st Jul 2015

Why choose Laser Perfect Gifts to laser engrave your photo? Well, we did a little quality comparison case study to show you. You’ll be astonished at the difference.

First take a look at the original photo to be laser engraved for a pet memorial plaque. This dog was a German shepherd/Chow mix who was a beloved family member lost due to a sudden illness. This dog had so much personality and charm that her human parents were left with a big hole in their hearts when she was gone. They had snapped this beautiful close-up photo of their well-loved pet.

Original photo:

Original photo to be engraved

The above dog closeup photo is an example of a great pet photo, and could make a beautiful pet memorial plaque if placed in the hands of a qualified laser engraver with experience in photo engraving. But this stately looking dog had lots and lots of fur, which can be tough to interpret when being engraved onto a wooden or granite plaque. As you will see, the pet memorial plaque we received from a competitor was a complete disaster.

Engraved plaque from competitor (cropped in to just the photo portion of the plaque):

The Competitor version of engraved photo

Needless to say, this other engraving company did a terrible job laser engraving the photo. Yes, our competitor was sent the beautiful dog photo we showed you at the top of this post, and yes, they made the above plaque from it. We’re a little speechless on this one, but at least this clearly demonstrates why companies should never do a mediocre job. Imagine the dog’s family getting something like this in the mail! This would not have brought any comfort or good memories to the family grieving the loss of their special pet.

Now, here is the engraved photo made here at Laser Perfect Gifts. (Again we cropped it to just show the photo portion of the engraved photo plaque):

Laser Perfect Gifts engraved pet memorial photo

Our engraved pet memorial shown above has all the fur details and really conveys the beauty of this regal dog. It’s hard to even capture the quality of this engraved plaque (we quickly took this photo of the final engraved memorial plaque before packing it). If your computer screen had feel-o-vision, you could feel the engraved details of the pet photo seared into the wood plaque.

So where did the other guys go wrong? Why did they have such a difficult time engraving this photo properly? Photo engraving requires a completely different skill set and process than engraving text or letters. Someone needs to caringly examine the photo and take the time to properly convert the photo in a way that is appropriate for laser engraving. We have special systems in place to meticulously convert each photo we receive. Laser engraving a photo into wood requires a different process than engraving onto granite, marble, or acrylic, so we have a special process for each type of plaque. We also take into account the special characteristics of every photo we receive to be sure it looks the absolute best it can when engraved.

At Laser Perfect Gifts, we believe the engraved plaques we produce will really mean something to the people and families who receive them. We are specialists in photo engraving and the difference really shows.