Laser Perfect Gifts Introduction to Engraving Photos

Posted by Laser Linda on 9th Jul 2015

We’d like to introduce you to Laser Perfect Gifts, makers of fine engraved photo plaques for memorials, gifts, awards, table markers, and more. In our introductory post, we’d like to give you an overview of what we do (laser engraving), how we do it (with our laser engraver), and why we do it (because we love laser engraving). By the time you’re done reading this article, you’ll be able to impress your friends with your behind the scenes knowledge of how your plaque or photo was laser engraved into a permanent memory.

About Laser Engraving

We use what is called a CO2 laser engraving machine to vaporize material and either etch away at the surface or cut through the material entirely depending on the material and thickness. Our laser engraver can etch the surface of wood, stone, granite, marble, acrylic, glass, leather, paper and certain types of plastics. It can also completely cut through wood, acrylic, paper, leather, and certain plastics depending on how thick the material is.

The laser beam itself is invisible to the human eye, but it does put on quite a show while it’s doing it’s what it’s supposed to do, which is remove or engrave away material. The material being engraved lights up as it is ablated with a white hot flash. It’s a sight to see.

Because the laser beam is so precise, our engraving work can be very detailed. We can send meticulous instructions to our laser engraver to have it vaporize hard material such as granite into a highly detailed engraved photo.

There are many different types and brands of laser engraving machines, we use a Trotec Speedy 300 to get the job done. When we saw that Tony Stark had one in his workshop in the movie Iron Man 3, we figured it could do the job for us (not kidding!).

How does Laser Perfect Gifts Turn Photos into Engraved Plaques

The short answer: lots and lots of practice. There are no shortcuts to great looking engraved photos. We use several of the latest programs and technology available today to create our engraved photo plaques, and we have painstakingly created comprehensive processes to work with various types of photos along with various types of substrates upon which those photos will be engraved. It’s harder than you would think.

For example, to engrave a photo on wood, the laser beam must be set so that it singes the wood in a detailed pattern and looks like the original photo. Too strong and the wood will be ruined, not strong enough and the details of the photo will not show. For letters engraved into wood, the laser beam needs to be strong enough to create nicely engraved crevices, but for photos, an engraving that is too deep could make the subject matter look strange. For granite engraving, a high laser power setting could make the granite flecks explode and lose all photo detail, while a lower power setting will barely etch away the hard granite surface. It’s kind of like being the Goldilocks of laser engraving: too hot, too cold… just right, and we’ve had to test a lot of porridge.

Even with all the systems we have in place, it takes an experienced and trained eye to really put it all together and create something worthwhile. Not everyone has the right combination of qualities: Both the ability to understand accuracy in specifications, and also to comprehend the purpose and beauty of the work being performed. People who can appreciate the emotion behind providing an engraved photo memorial plaque while at the same time understand the technology in producing the plaque. Technicians who understand what works correctly and also get what looks beautiful. So we are sure to have a team with all the right characteristics in place.

Why Laser Engrave Photos

We specialize in laser engraving photographs because we understand that everyone has moments in their lives they want to remember, people they want to honor, snapshots in time that are important. We think that the very important photos should be treated differently. There are photos that deserve more than being stored as a digital file on a computer or phone. We believe that photos worthy of getting printed and framed are worthy of getting engraved.

There’s just something about an engraved plaque made of a solid material that feels special. The engraved photo will never fade, and the words inscribed on the plaque are forever etched with the photo. It’s a perfect way to remember someone, to celebrate a family moment, to congratulate a wedding day or anniversary, to cherish a beloved pet, or to acknowledge almost any occasion.

Personalized gifts are everywhere these days, but we want to offer more than just engraving a name on a picture frame. We want the entire experience to be customized just the way you want, with just the perfect words, verses, blessings, and photo engraved permanently. We also want to provide a place where it can all be ordered directly online with no hassles and great customer care.

It all comes down to caring about people and the events that happen in people’s lives. We are here to help people celebrate happy occasions and be comforted during somber occasions. Our passion is to laser engrave the perfect gift at the perfect time.